Windows and doors are often an underestimated factor in energy saving, if you have non insulated windows installed in your property, you might as well think of it as having “holes” in your walls.

Our windows and doors are insulated because of their 3-7 chambered white uPVC frames, the chambers retard the hot or cold temperatures to pass through, secondly,  a single industrial composition of two glass panes and a centered 10 mm wide spacer, are vacuum sealed between the two glass panes, and industrially fitted into the uPVC window frames.   The vacuumed airtight  gap plays a vital insulation roll, heat/cold can not be transmitted through the vacuum as there are  no molecules to transmit.

In addition robust rubber seals are industrially fitted all around the window sash, for an airtight-effect, i.e. to insulate against outside hot/cold temperatures, preventing water leakage, wind, dust, smoke and sound  penetration, moreover it gives comfort by operating the window.  ( like your car’s door).

Insulated windows and doors are a vital security factor for your property, the uPVC window frames are thick robust steal reinforced profiles, all windows come standard with a multi point steal locking mechanism, and optional window handle - key lock. The window multifunction ( turn and tilt) allows you to keep your window open in a tilted position for ventilation, were the window can not be opened unwanted from the outside, giving you and your family peace of mind in the inside.

The industrial fitted UV protective foil also adds to force breakage security, the foil keeps the broken window glass in-tact,  preventing unwanted entries,  moreover the standard clear,  or optional tinted  UV filter foil,  is placed on the inside of the external glass, preventing sunlight ray damage to your curtains, furniture and carpets etc.

Insulated uPVC windows are very durable, they never rot, flake, rusts or fades. Apart from a quick wipe with a cloth to keep it clean, uPVC requires virtually no maintenance making it very convenient and time-saving. Our German made insulated uPVC windows and doors come with a 30 year guarantee.

Our insulated uPVC windows ad doors can easily be installed in your existing or newly-build property,  tailor-made and affordable !!


cross section of an 6 chambered insulated window profile:

          1.External window glass panel.

          2.Rubber seal. 

          3.Window glass panel spacer. 

          4.Internal window glass panel.

          5.Window door profile steel reinforcement.

          6. uPVC profile.

          7.One of six chambers ( window door frame).

          8.Internal Rubber seal between window frames & door.

          9.External Rubber seal between window frames & door.

          10.Window frame profile steel reinforcement.

          11.One of six chambers ( Window frame).

Examples of Doors and Windows: